2016 Way of the Cross of the Jubilee of the Family pdf
2001 The Demographic Crash. From Fatalism to Hope pdf
2001 The Way of the Cross during the Jubilee of Families pdf
2001 The Hidden Face of the United Nations pdf
2000 Third World Meeting of the Holy Father with families. Via Crucis pdf
1999 The Gospel Confronting World Disorder pdf
1998 Democracy in the Teaching of the Popes. Preliminary Report pdf
1997 Bioethics and Population. The Choice of Life pdf
1997 The totalitarian trend of liberalism pdf
1996 Power over Life Leads to Domination of Mankind pdf
1996 Introduction to the Social Teaching of the Church pdf
1996 “The New World Order and Demographic Security”, in International Conference au Meeting on Demography and Family in Asia and Oceania. pdf
1994 Population. Fundamentals on their evolutions pdf
1994 Ethical and Pastoral Dimensions of Population Trendsen collaboration avec Gérard-François Dumont. pdf
1986 The Western Family. A Cultural and Political Analysis pdf
1986 Pro-life and Family Movements. The Situation in Belgium pdf
1985 Ethics and Biopolitics pdf
1980 Abortion. A Political Approach pdf

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