In the year 2007, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, today Pope Francis, wrote the prologue of the Way of the Cross written by Michel Schooyans in the year 2000 for the Jubilee of the Family. This text of Pope Francis begins as follows:

The Via Crucis is the most profound expression of the way of God among men.  From there it follows that it would be contradictory to think of it as a static icon or simply as an episode, the final episode, of the life of Jesus.  Michel Schooyans knows that and -  with fine intuition – he penetrates the mystery of the way of God.  To enter into the mystery: such is his intention;  however, he cannot… no one can.  It is the Holy Spirit who introduces us to the Mystery.  That is why the main theme of this Way of the Cross is the presence of the Spirit, the Spirit who reminds us of all that Jesus has taught us, who has prayed and groaned in our hearts, who makes us aspire towards the new Heaven and the new Earth, culmination of the way of God in that future and marvellous unveiling (Apocalypse) of this humble sojourn among men.

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